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Under “My Events,” you will see a list of all your created events. Each event will have the name of the event at the top left-hand corner and the date it is set to start selling tickets on the right-hand side top corner. The number of tickets sold, and the total revenue of each event will be in the center.

Create Event 1


Event Panel

By clicking “Manage Event” on the bottom of the event or the event title (both lead to the same place), you will be brought to the overview of your “Event Dashboard.” Here you can see net revenue, number of orders, number of tickets sold, and the dollar amount of total refunds.

View Events 1


The Overview tab is just the first tab of your event management panel that has everything you need to manage your event. Within this panel, you can create event tickets, time slots, coupons, manage financial settings, etc. Any edits that need to be made to the event can be done within the event management panel.