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Time Slots


Time slots are simply available hours for your customers to book the appointment for. You can set an individual number of spaces available per each time slot to control capacity and reduce long lines and overcrowding.

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Time slots are contained within calendars, and you can connect any calendar you create to any ticket of your event. This way every ticket can have different time slots that you might need to meet your scheduling needs.


Creating Time Slots

To create time slots for your calendar, first, select the calendar by clicking on its name. This will allow you to create time slots for that calendar.

Time Slots 1


There are two types of time slots you can create: Time Slots (recurring) and Custom Time Slots (custom).

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Time Slots (Recurring)

Time Slots” are recurring events. Creating a time slot for Monday will make those time slots available every Monday. This type of slots is best for businesses like museums, zoos, exhibitions, aquariums, etc. Any type of business that sells tickets weekly.

To create time slots, start by picking the day of the week to create time slots for. Each day of the week has the options “Clear” and “Add Timeslots.”

Time Slots 3

Add Time Slots

To create time slots, you will select “Add Timeslots.”

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A drop-down menu will appear with the option for either “Single” or “Bulk” at the top.

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Single Time Slots

Single” time slots are used if you want to add a single time slot to the day, or multiple time slots one by one.

To do so, you would enter an optional slot title, select the start time, and then select the end time. At the bottom, be sure to enter the number of spaces available for that time slot. Then click “Add Time Slots.” A pop-up will appear saying “You are about to add the following time slot(s),” select “Ok.”

Time Slots 7


If you want the time slot to be all day, for the start time, select “All Day.”

Below, Sunday shows a single time slot added for 10am – 11am. Monday shows 3 time slots for 10am-11am, 12pm-2pm, and 4pm-8pm.

Time Slots 8


Bulk Time Slots

Bulk” time slots allow you to enter multiple time slots for the day at once.

Start by selecting “Bulk” and adding an optional title. Then select the start time of the first time slot of the day. Select the end time of the last time slot of the day. If you want time in between your time slots, select the amount of time (some businesses need time in between time slots to prepare for the next group, if you want 5 minutes or an hour between slots, here is where you can add it). If you don’t want time between, leave the “Time between slots” field empty. Then select the interval the time slots will be generated with and type in the number of spaces. Be sure to click “Add Time Slots” when you are done.

Time Slots 9


For example, If you want 1-hour time slots from 11 am – 3 pm with no time in between slots and 50 spaces available for each time slot, here is what you should select:

Time Slots 10


If you want 2-hour time slots from 11am – 4pm with 5 minutes in between each time slot and 25 spaces available for each time slot, here is what you should select:

Time Slots 11


Edit Time Slots

The only thing you can edit on a time slot that has already been created is the number of spaces available. You can do so by clicking the plus or minus buttons on either side of the spaces available to increase or decrease the amount.

Time Slots 12


Delete Time Slots

You can delete individual time slots by selecting the red X to the right of the time slot you want to delete.

Time Slots 13


If you want to delete an entire day’s worth of time slots, you can select “Clear” under the day of the week.

Time Slots 14


Custom Time Slots

Custom Time Slots” are for a specific date. They are not recurring. They can be used to override your recurring “Time Slots,” to disable appointments, or to create a one-day event. This type of slots is great for creating custom schedule for holidays, special events or disabling certain days in you calendar.

Custom Slots 1


To add a custom time slot, go to “Custom Time Slots” tab on the “Time Slots” page and select “Add Date(s).” Start by selecting the calendar you want to attach the custom time slots to.

Then click in the “Start Date” box and select on the pop-up calendar the start date of your event. If your custom time slot does not have an end date, leave “Optional End Date” empty. If it is a one-day event, select the same date as the start date. If it ends on a different day, select the end date from the pop-up calendar.

Next, select either “Single Time Slot” or “Bulk Time Slots” to add in the time slots. These two options function the same as the options on the “Time Slots” tab we explained above.

Once you have the time slots entered, click the green “Add” button on the left-hand side. A pop-up will appear explaining what time slots you are adding. Select “Ok.”

For example, you might have recurring time slots setup for Sun-Sat, from 9am to 1pm.

Custom Slots 2


Then if you need to change this schedule to 9am – 7pm for Dec 24 only, you would need to go to “Custom Time Slots“, select Dec 24 from the calendar and create the 9am-7pm slot under it. This will override the regular 9am – 1pm slot to 9am – 7pm on Dec 24.

Custom Slots 3


Disable Appointments

You can disable appointments for a specific day or date range under the “Custom Time Slots” tab.

Go to “Custom Time Slots” and click “Add Dates.” Select the calendar you want to disable appointments for. Fill out the appropriate start date and end date and then select “Disable Appointments.” Now customers will not be able to book tickets for that day or set of days. Be sure to click “Save Custom Time Slots” at the bottom of the page to ensure you disabled appointments are saved.

Custom Slots 4


If you want to disable appointments for a specific time slot within a day (rather then the whole day), you can do so by going to Appointments > selecting the day > selecting the calendar > clicking “Disable Slot” next to the time slot.

Custom Slots 5


Edit Custom Time Slots

To edit custom time slots, find the slots you want to edit and make any changes necessary. You can change custom slots calendar they are assigned to, their dates, slot capacity, remove slots and add new ones. Then click “Save Custom Time Slots” in the bottom left-hand corner to save your changes.


Delete Custom Time Slots

To delete custom time slot dates or times, find them and click the red X button on the right side.

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