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To create and manage tickets for your event, you can go to My Events > The event you want to create tickets for > Tickets.

Tickets 1


Create Tickets

To create tickets for your event, select “Create Ticket” in the top left-hand corner of your “Event Tickets” tab.

A pop-up will appear where you will be able to enter the name of your ticket (i.e., “General Admission,” or “Kids under 3”).


Ticket Type

Where it says, “Ticket Type,” choose either “Ticket” or “Addon Item.”

The ticket type cannot be changed after the ticket is created, so be sure to select the right one.



A ticket admits someone into your event.



An add-on item allows you to add additional items besides tickets to your customer’s experience.

An addon item is not connected to a calendar and time slots. Therefore, when an addon is purchased, it does not take away available spaces from a time slot.


Ticket Price

Ticket Price” is how much customers will pay for the ticket. If you are offering a discount, place the discount price under “Discount Price.”


Quantity Available

If you have a limited number of tickets, place the number of tickets you have available under “Quantity Available.” If you have an unlimited number of tickets that can be sold, leave this field blank (i.e., you are a museum that sells tickets on a weekly basis instead of for a one-time event).


Tickets Per Order

To limit the number of tickets customers can buy per order, select the min and max amount under “Tickets Per Order (Min-Max).


Ticket Icon

Ticket Icon” is the icon customers will see next to the ticket name on your widget.


Ticket Description

Ticket Description” is what appears under your ticket on your widget to describe the ticket.


Start/End Sale On

Start Sale On” and “End Sale On” are when you want to start selling tickets and end selling tickets.

Start Sale On” is when the ticket will become available for sale. If a future date is selected, the ticket will be hidden until that date. To activate the ticket right away, leave “Start Sale On” blank.

End Sale On” is the day you want to stop having tickets available for sale. If a date is selected, the ticket will be hidden after that date. If no date is selected, the tickets will be available for sale indefinitely.



Calendar” is where you will select the calendar to attach the tickets to. The calendar will control available time slots and time slot capacity. You can create custom calendars and time slots on the “Time Slots” page.


Cannot Be Sold Individually

If your tickets need to be bought with other tickets, select “Cannot Be Sold Individually.” This is most commonly used for kid’s tickets that need to be bought with adult tickets.


Hide This Ticket

If you are not ready for the ticket to appear on your widget for customers to buy, you can select “Hide This Ticket.”


Save Ticket

Once you have all ticket setting fields filled out, select “Create Ticket” in the bottom right-hand corner.


Edit Tickets

To edit a ticket, click on the Gear icon on the right side of the ticket list tile.


Delete Tickets

To delete a ticket, click on the Trash Can icon on the right side of the ticket list tile.


Reorder Tickets

You can change the order of the tickets by dragging and dropping them how you like. The order they appear on your dashboard is the order they will appear on your widget that customers see.