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Process Payments

TicketsCandy is a proud partner of Square, a secure credit card processing company. They are our exclusive merchant services provider because they have no hidden fees, make fast payments, and are a well-known and trusted company.


What Is a Merchant Services Provider?

A merchant services provider provides businesses with the tools and requirements necessary to process debit cards, credit cards, NFC-enabled mobile wallets, and other forms of electronic payments. Without them, your event will not be able to process payments; and therefore, will be unable to make sales.

The merchant services provider’s job is to protect credit card details by encrypting sensitive information to ensure all information is passed securely between the customer and business. They manage the initial sale, authorization and validation of the card, and any refunds or chargebacks.


Processing Fees

Every merchant provider charges a small transaction fee for processing card payments. To make your selling experience hassle-free and to eliminate any worries about the processing fees, we automatically pass them to your customers during the checkout process. This way, we ensure you are getting 100% of your revenue.


How To Connect to Square

1. On your TicketsCandy dashboard, go to Payments and click the blue button that says, “Connect Square.”


2. This will bring you to a sign-in page. If you have an account with Square, input your email and password. If you are new to Square, click “sign up” and fill out the form.


3 .Once signed in, you will be brought to a page that says, “TicketsCandy wants to access your Square account.” Click the “Allow” button in the bottom right corner.


4. Finally, select your location from the dropdown menu and click “Save.”