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How Do I Remove The Calendar (Select Date Option) At Checkout?

This setting is configured during the event creation process. When creating an event, after you enter the event name, you are asked “Do you need to use booking dates and time slots?

  • If you select Yes, your event will need to be connected to specific time slots, and an appointment calendar will appear at checkout.
  • If you select No, your event will not be connected to time slots, and there will be no calendar at checkout.

What you select when you create the event cannot be changed after the event is already created. Therefore, you have two options when it comes to removing or adjusting the calendar for your event.

Create a new Open-Entry event

The first option is to delete the Timed-Entry event and create a new one where you select “No” when asked, “Do you need to use booking dates and time slots?

Create a new Open-Entry event


Create custom time slots

The second option is to create a custom “All Day” time slot for the day(s) of the event. You can do this by going to Time Slots > Custom Time Slots. He are the instructions on how to create Custom Time Slots.

That way, when people go to check out, they just have to select the day for your event without needing to choose specific time slots. This keeps you from having to delete your entire event and start over.