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How Do I Find A Link To My Tickets?

Through TicketsCandy, you can embed a widget code into an existing website or share a link that leads directly to your tickets.

We are currently working on developing Event Pages for you to share with people that contain your event information including text, images, and of course your tickets. However, these pages are still under development and are not yet available.

For now, you have 3 options.


1: Add the ticketing widget to your website

Navigate to Event Settings, and then click on the Website Widget tab. The “Ticketing Widget Code” section is the code you will add to your website. Copy the code and paste it into the section of your website where you’d like the widget to appear. Please make sure you paste the whole piece of the code. If you are using a website builder, add the widget code with a custom code or HTML code module. Here are the detailed instructions on how to add the ticketing widget to different website builders.


2: Get a direct link to your event tickets

Navigate to Event Settings, and then click on the Website Widget tab. In the Ticketing Widget Code, find a line that starts with “iframeURL:”. Your direct tickets link will follow right after this parameter.

Get A Direct Link To Your Event Tickets


3: We can create your event page manually

Although our Event Pages are not yet available for public use, we can still create them for you internally. Just contact our support with the information you would like to include into your page and we will get it done.