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Event Dashboard


To get to your event overview/dashboard, go to My Events, and click on the name of the event or the “Manage Event” button.


Event Dashboard

The “Event Dashboard” is is the home page of your event panel. The event panel allows you to create event tickets, time slots, coupons, manage financial settings, see event statistics, etc.


Event Overview

When you first click on the event name or “Manage Event” button, you will be brought to the first tab in the event dashboard; “Overview.”

The event Overview is an overview of how your event is performing. You can see the event net revenue, total number of orders, total number of tickets sold, and the total amount of money spent on refunds.

Below that, you can see a “Tickets Sold” chart that will show in diagram format how many tickets you have sold for the event in the last 20 days.

You can also see a “Tickets Sales Volume” chart that shows your ticket sales volume for the last 20 days.

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Setup Guide

At the top left-hand corner of your event overview, you will see the button “Show Setup Guide.” Clicking this will present you with a quick overview of where to create tickets, add time slots, activate payments, and locate your website widget.

Setup Guide 1