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The “Attendees” page shows scheduled appointments in a list format. To get to this page, you can go to My Events > select the event you want to edit > Attendees.

Attendees 1


Attendees Overview

When you click on the “Attendees” tab, you will be presented with a page that has an overview of all your attendees.

Name” is the name of the person who purchased the tickets. “Email” is the attendee’s email address (where the ticket email was sent to). “Ticket” is the ticket type they purchased. “Order Id” is the unique order number of the attendee. “Date” is the day and time slot they purchased tickets for.

You can also see the check-in status. The status will be “Checked-In,” “Cancelled,” or left blank if the attendee has not been checked-in or cancelled.

Order ID

By clicking on the “Order ID,” you will see the order overview window. This is the same window as what you see when clicking on an order on the “Orders” page.

Orders 2


The order overview shows you the date the order was completed, the name of the purchaser, their address, email, phone number, and what tickets were purchased.

By clicking “Edit Customer,” you can change the customer’s name and email address. Be sure to select “Update Order” when you are done.

Order Items” section tells you what ticket they purchased, the quantity of that ticket, and the price. You will also be able to see the fees & taxes they paid.

The “Tickets” section shows you the ticket they purchased, its unique identifying number, and the date and time slot they purchased tickets for. By clicking the “Action” button to the right of a ticket, you can manually check the person in, edit the booking, or cancel the booking.

Orders 3


If you click “Check-In,” it will automatically check the person in. If this was an accident, the “Check-In” button will change to “Undo Check-In.” Click it to undo the check-in.

If you click “Edit Booking,” a pop-up will appear allowing you to change the ticket type and the date of the ticket as well. Be sure to click “Edit Attendee” to save your changes.

If you click “Cancel Booking,” a pop-up will appear letting you know that the ticket will be deactivated but that you will need to refund the order separately. You can also select to let the customer know that their ticket has been canceled.

At the bottom of the “Order Overview” is a blue ticket button. Selecting this button gives you the option to either resend the tickets to the customer via email on file or print the tickets (save as PDF file).

Orders 4


When you have completed any necessary actions, you can click the red “Close” button.


Action Button

To the right of each order is an “Action” button. Here you can check in, edit, or cancel the attendee booking. These options are the same as the ones listed above under the order ID section.

Attendees 2


Invite Attendees

If you want to add an attendee manually to your event, you can do so by clicking “Invite Attendee” in the top right-hand corner.

Attendees 3


A pop-up window will appear where you can select the ticket type, appointment slot, enter the customer’s name, and email address.

Attendees 4


You will need to select the appointment date by pushing the blue button that says “Select Date” under the ticket type. Choose the date the attendee wants to visit your event from the calendar that pops up.

A new section will appear where you can select the time slot for the day and see how many spaces are currently available for each time slot.

If you want to send the tickets to the attendee, you can check the box next to where it says, “Send invitation & ticket to attendee.” If the person is already at your event and doesn’t need the tickets, you can leave the box unchecked and check them in manually.

Be sure to select “Invite Attendee” once you are done.


Attendee Controls

On the Attendee’s page, you have the option to filter your attendee’s list. Select a date to start your search from and a date to end your search from. This is best if you are looking for someone who purchased tickets within a certain date range.

The “Search Attendees” section allows you to search orders by their order ID number, email address or name.