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The “Appointments” tab shows scheduled appointments in a calendar format. To get to this tab, you can go to My Events > select the event you want to edit > Attendees > Appointments. If you don’t have time slots enabled for your event, this tab will not be available to you.

Appointments 1


Appointment Calendar

Days that have appointments booked for them will appear in a light orange color, and the unbooked days will be white.

Appointments 2


When you select a day that has an appointment booked, it will expand showing you the time slots for that day, how many spaces are available for each slot, and the appointments booked for each time slot for the calendar selected.

Appointments 3


By selecting an appointment, you will be brought to the “Attendees” tab to see the attendee information.

Appointments 4


You can switch between calendars at the top of the day window by clicking on them to see the appointments booked for each calendar individually.

Appointments 5


Disable Time Slots

You can disable individual time slots if you don’t want anyone to be able to book that time slot. Once you click the “Disable Slot” button, the time slot will turn red, and you can re-enable it by clicking “Enable Slot.”

Appointments 6


Create Appointment

You can also manually create a new appointment for a specific time slot by selecting “New Appointment.” Doing so will present you with a pop-up where you can select the ticket type, enter the customer’s name, and email address.

Appointments 7


If you want to send the tickets to the attendee, you can check the box next to where it says, “Send invitation & ticket to attendee.” If the person is already at your event and doesn’t need the tickets, you can leave the box unchecked and check them in manually.



Appointment Calendar Controls

At the top of the tab, there is an “All Calendars” drop-down menu. Your can click on the menu to select the calendar you want to view individually.

Appointments 8


The two arrows next to the calendar selection menu allow you to switch between appointment months. Select the right arrow to go to the next month and the left arrow to switch to the previous month.

Appointments 9